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Fundamental Market Research To 10X your trading Experience

How Does it work ?

Throughout the week, you’ll get updates and videos covering:

Guide & Direction

Technicals give entry and exit. Get an accurate analysis of the world's financial markets.

Events Broken Down

Chaos is opportunity. World events are broken down and simplified to find the highest ROI.

Trading Education

Staying up to date on market developments is vital for trading success and profitability.


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Enhance Your Technical Analysis

See the problems with relying on technicals alone is that you’re basing your chart analysis off of history, this isn’t very effective because you’ll never know when the trend does a reversal, pause or continuation. Combining Market research & Technical Analysis is a fireproof way to make your trading 100X easier.

But why bother?


If you have a trading strategy with a 20% win rate, you can double it instantly by selling when it’s time to sell or buying when it’s time to buy.

Here's what you get

For £29 per month.

With us, you’ll never have to pay for another news subscription again.


What does this service do?

This service provides unique insights and analysis in the financial markets with the aim to help you make better trades. And thus directly increasing your performance.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to bring you the benefits of macro-economics and fundamental analysis into your trading… without you having to learn any of these yourself.

How do I get notifications about potential market opportunities?

You will receive instant notifications on Discord about potential market opportunities based on our macro analysis.

What resources do I get access to?

You will get FREE access to: – Fundamental & macro analysis guide for beginners – Past reports – Future reports on time and in simple terms – Full course with over 20+ hours of content – All Content & analysis dating back to 2021

How much does this service cost?

GBP29 a month

Is there a free trial?

No free trial

Day Trading

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Cryptocurrency Lessons

Fundamental Analysis Lessons

Backtesting and Journaling Lessons

Psychology and Mindset Lessons

Algorithmic Trading Lessons

Risk Management Lessons

Trading Strategies (Day, Swing, Position) Lessons

Market Analysis Lessons

Basic Trading Lessons

Basics of Market Analysis


Introduction to Risk Management


Trading Tools and Platforms


Introduction to Technical Analysis


Fundamental Analysis and Market Drivers


Putting It All Together: Trading Scenarios